Social Media and Communications Intern

Role Title: Social Media and Communications Intern

Organisation: Welfare Rights & Advocacy Service WA

Internship Period: Winter (June - July)

Location: East Perth

Role Description

The Social Media and Communications Intern will assist with the development of a social media and communications strategy for the service in collaboration with our legal staff. They will drive the implementation of that communications strategy and develop materials for the service's social media accounts and website content. The intern will provide assistance in a review of the existing electronic (fact sheets) and service promotion materials to better engage with the community we service. There will be opportunity for the production of fact sheets and videos on legal topics to engage with a range of audiences. Experience in Canva and video editing is a must. The applicant must have excellent communication skills for this to be successful.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

Welfare Rights & Advocacy Service (WA) is a not-for-profit community legal centre that provides independent advice, information, referral, representation and advocacy in relation to Centrelink, Family Assistance, Tenancy and Social Security prosecution matters. Welfare Rights & Advocacy Service is the trading name for the incorporated association, TLC Emergency Welfare Foundation of Western Australia (Inc.).
Our vision: A just and compassionate society. Our mission: Eliminating disadvantage by assisting people to realise their rights to income and housing. Our values: We are committed to: • Client focused ethical practice; • Social justice and human rights principles; • Empowering people; • Collaboration and community engagement; and • Innovation and creativity.