Policies and Procedures Intern

Role Title: Policies and Procedures Intern

Organisation: Denmark Community Resource Centre

Internship Period: Summer (November - December)

Location: Denmark

Role Description

To review and rewrite our policies and procedures



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

Denmark Community Resource Centre (DCRC) will be characterised by the following values:
• The DCRC will provide a welcoming, inclusive, informal and safe environment for thecommunity and those who staff the facilities. We will create a small village, a community in and around our Centre. • We will endeavour to be a unifying force in the community. • We will be worthy of people's trust.. • We will be proactive in making our community a better place. • We will try to empower people and foster self-responsibility. Essential Characteristics - Vision and Purpose: In order for the DCRC to continue and grow its success over coming years, we will be characterised by: • our ability to connect the community with one another and the wider world through our services and facilities • our support for community led activities • a sustainable financial base • technology that is accessible and current, including making available knowledge, skills and training to enable people to use it effectively • the provision of a safe place for the community, where judgment is suspended and people are respected and treated equally.