Disability Policy Review Intern

Role Title: Disability Policy Review Intern

Organisation: PeopleKind Group Ltd

Internship Period: Summer (November - December)

Location: Burswood, Perth

Role Description

By way of background, the role and demands upon disability service providers continue to evolve and place increasing strain upon such organisations. That, in turn, necessitates an ongoing need to review and update our Policies and Procedures. Most of such changes can be readily managed within the internal resources of the organisation. However, where such reviews entail complex and significant changes that can place considerable strain on our internal resources. By way of example the following Policies need to be addressed.
* Supported Decision Making and Choice * Supported Independent Living Services * Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) * Regulation and Elimination of Restrictive Practices * Further we need to develop a Guardianship Policy – this is important - any person who is subject to a restrictive practice needs to have such a practice formally approved by a Guardian – being a parent is no longer deemed to have authority to approve such a practice. The Policies in question support Nulsen Disability Services (NDS), a large Perth-based disability services provider based in Cannington and an arm of PeopleKind Group. The Intern will be based in Burswood and will be working closely with the Manager, Internal Audit & Policy during the duration of the project. Also, the Intern will initially meet with the NDS CEO based in Cannington who has commissioned this work to be undertaken.



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