Social Media Assistant

Role Title: Social Media Assistant

Organisation: Rainbow Community House

Internship Period: Semester 2 (August - November)

Location: North Perth

Role Description

The intern will assist Rainbow Community House in managing social media communications. They will:
- create content that is representative of our diverse range of clientele. - develop strategies to address our social media, brand recognition, and marketing needs. - track statistics on social media sites to determine effectiveness. - assist with grant applications when appropriate. - organise and track funding campaigns. - advertise for events and other programs Rainbow Community House may be running or participating in and other relevant events and programs in the wider community.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

We offer counselling to LGBTQIA+ young people 12-25 and their families, partners and support workers. Our gaol is suicide prevention through early intervention. Young people who are questioning their gender and/or sexual identity or anyone who identifies within the LGBTQIA+ community can come talk to us about anything.