Asset Registar Project Intern

Role Title: Asset Registar Project Intern

Organisation: Earthwise Community

Internship Period: Winter (June - July)

Location: Subiaco

Role Description

Earthwise is a Community Association that has been established for decades and would like to get all the assets recorded. The assets include musical equipment, gardening tools, hardware, kitchen equipment, office equipment and retail equipment. Earthwise needs someone that can establish a pro forma that can be flexible so a range of volunteers can keep the asset register up to date. The intern will be working on and offsite with the Chairperson, Coordinator and other volunteers that have knowledge of the different departments that have been mentioned. This position is very flexible with times being able to be dedicated to the work.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

Earthwise is a non-funded, volunteer-staffed community. Earthwise undertakes a variety of community and environmental issues. We offer a connecting point for people who are short of confidence or cash. We also provide sustainable living practices.