Research Intern: Regional Health Services

Role Title: Research Intern: Regional Health Services

Organisation: WA Primary Health Alliance

Internship Period: Winter (June - July)

Location: Geraldton/Work from Home

Role Description

Aims of the Internship:
• Undertake desktop review of the existing workforce within the mental health and alcohol and other drug sectors in Geraldton only • Collect and collate qualitative data from various stakeholders in the community to determine where and why there are workforce shortages • Determine if the current supply of workforce is enough to sustain the anticipated need into the future - e.g. what current vacancies exist and anticipated future needs of workforce • Identify the potential gaps and strategies to address workforce shortages • What are the current training pathways for qualifications (and types of qualifications) within Geraldton/Midwest? Part B - understand current scholarships and financial supports available to encourage further education. Part C - what currently exists to promote career pathways to work in these sectors? • What are the requirements for student placement and supports? • Explore informal mentoring opportunities within the sector The intern will be required to travel to Geraldton for part of the internship, then work remotely for the remainder.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

WA Primary Health Alliance shapes, strengthens and sustains primary health care through partnerships and strategies that improve people’s access and health outcomes. Our role is to simplify and increase access to primary health care by planning, guiding and directing investment towards important services. We do this by looking system-wide at gaps and identify priorities. We then fund care that is locally accessible and encourage innovation in the delivery of care.