Project Intern, Core Services

Role Title: Project Intern, Core Services

Organisation: Solaris Cancer Care

Internship Period: Winter (June - July)

Location: Cottesloe

Role Description

Solaris Cancer Care has recently endorsed a Strategic Plan. One of the consequent projects is determining what our core services are. A project team has been created for this project with a number of service delivery staff involved.
A project plan has been agreed that includes reviewing the data on existing services, consulting current clients, reviewing literature, and deciding which services should be the core service delivery at every Solaris centre. This project will take most of 2022 to complete. A McCusker Centre intern has assisted in Semester 1 with the literature review, which has been very helpful. This winter internship would mainly assist in the delivery and analysis of a survey with current clients. This builds on the work that we have been doing. The project intern will work with the direction and support of the CEO and the project leader.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

In a nurturing environment provide access to:
• safe and supervised complementary therapies • a reliable information service • qualitative and quantitative research support and personalised care through our highly skilled volunteer and staff network whilst embracing mainstream medical treatments. We will achieve this with the continued support of our key stakeholders, sponsors, donors, and supporters.