Project Intern: Legislative Council Ballot Paper

Role Title: Project Intern: Legislative Council Ballot Paper

Organisation: Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC)

Internship Period: Winter (June - July)

Location: Perth

Role Description

The Electoral Equality Bill was passed through Parliament late last year and has necessitated a dramatically revised Legislative Assembly ballot paper for Whole of State.
We have interpreted the new legislation and drafted alternative possible options, but we may see a ballot paper with details printed on both sides of the paper. This has not occurred in any Australian electoral jurisdiction before and would need significant elector education should it eventuate. The role description for an intern would be to review the draft instructional text for electors on the ballot paper and organise a focus group to inform our final decision on layout and instructional text to best assist all Western Australian electors voting in the March 2025 State General Election. The Commission feels that such community engagement is essential in informing our final decision on instructional text, so that as many Western Australians electors as possible correctly complete their ballot papers to maximise the democratic franchise. Further, the intern would assist by preparing materials to educate electors on how to use the new ballot paper (as well as a general education piece on the changes to upper house voting as a result of the Electoral Equality Bill).



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

To provide Western Australians with an electoral experience that they understand, trust and can access easily and efficiently