Marketing and Communications Intern

Role Title: Marketing and Communications Intern

Organisation: Ngala

Internship Period: Winter (June - July)

Location: Bentley

Role Description

In 2021, Ngala rolled out the Happiness Survey, as part of its annual brand campaign aligned to the Ngala Brand, Why Statement and Brand and Marketing Strategy.
The 2021 Survey yielded approximately 100 survey responses. In order to understand the outcomes of the survey, the raw data will need to be evaluated and delivered into an understandable creative concept that can be shared and used by internal stakeholders. The outcome of the survey will also supplement the 2022 Brand Campaign. The intern involved in this project will also be able to contribute towards the concept and project plan of the 2022 campaign, specifically in the area of the 2022 survey production and the plan of dissemination.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

Our purpose is to support parents, families and communities to enhance the wellbeing and development of children and young people.
We listen and respond to parents and the changing needs of families and communities, to meet the challenges of raising children and young people, by offering a range of inclusive, evidence based support services. Our Vision: When parents and families are confident and communities are strong, safe and healthy, children and young people will achieve their full potential.