Youth Program Intern: Trail Blazers Mentors

Role Title: Youth Program Intern: Trail Blazers Mentors

Organisation: Regional Development Australia Peel Inc.

Internship Period: Winter (June - July)

Location: Fairbridge WA 6208

Role Description

Peel Bright Minds is seeking an intern to fill the role of Mentor on ‘Trails Blazers’, a STEM mentorship program commencing July 2022.
Trail Blazers is a six-month mentorship program designed to provide 32 regional teenagers (often from disadvantaged backgrounds) with the mindset, tools, and support to pursue a career in STEM. Over the course of a five-night residential camp, participants experience a range of STEM-inspired activities that enable them to develop their confidence, identify their strengths, make new friends, and expand their comfort zone. Following the camp, participants have the option to stay involved through social meet-ups and occasional STEM-related activities. Mentors are a key part of this project, and a large determining factor for success. Mentors guide participants, lead a small group, facilitate activities/challenges and assist with the camp delivery. The Mentor role is intensive, and the McCusker hundred-hour goal is expected to be reached within just a couple of weeks. An intern must be able to provide availability for 7 consecutive days (approximately 80 hours) at the live-in camp between 11-16 July 2022. The remaining hours will dedicated to preparing for the camp. All expenses will be funded including accommodation, food, activities, stationery, merch, and any documentation such as a working with children card etc.



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Organisation Mission

Regional Development Australia Peel (RDA) will facilitate policies, programmes and projects designed to strengthen human capital, productivity, infrastructure, access to markets, regional comparative advantage and business competitiveness, leading to increased economic activity and the creation of new jobs, along with improved standards of living and working conditions.