Data Migration and New Software Setup Intern 2

Role Title: Data Migration and New Software Setup Intern 2

Organisation: Zonta House

Internship Period: Summer (November - December)

Location: Bentley

Role Description

As a Data Intern, your primary responsibility will be to support us in the extraction, cleaning, and preparation of data from our current database and its transformation into three distinct databases:
- Tenancy and Property Database - Donor Management Database - Client Management Database The core of this role will involve meticulous data extraction and cleaning processes. Additionally, for our CMS database, the intern will play a pivotal role in examining the program logics of our services. This will aid in configuring and designing the database, with a strong emphasis on understanding the reasons and methods behind data collection, guided by the WA Outcomes Measurement Framework. This role offers a unique opportunity to engage with data management within the context of the non-for-profit sector, contributing to data quality while gaining practical insights into real-world data handling. While our work involves data management and analysis, it differs significantly from traditional financial metrics like profit and loss or sales data. The intern should possess a genuine interest in and understanding of data's impact on social outcomes and be prepared to navigate the complexities of this field.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

Zonta House Refuge Association is a specialist provider of family and domestic violence services with over 39 years of experience. They provide high-quality, innovative services that span from prevention, crisis response, to recovery and rebuilding. Their services are based on a deep understanding of the complex dynamics of family and domestic violence and the need to address the individual, relational, communal, and societal dynamics at play.
As a result, Zonta House has in place 10 service models that are achieving high engagement and successful measurable outcomes. Their well-established reputation and experience within the sector has led to growth and enabled holistic service delivery, recognising the importance of prevention, early intervention, safety for victims and perpetrator accountability.