Communications Intern

Role Title: Communications Intern

Organisation: Office of the Chief Psychiatrist

Internship Period: Semester 2 (August - November)

Location: East Perth

Role Description

The Office of the Chief Psychiatrist has published guidelines for the sexual safety of consumers of mental health services in WA. The aim is to provide guidance to mental health services about how to ensure consumers feel, and are, safe when accessing mental health services.
The intern’s role is to assist in developing a plan to promote and increase awareness of the guidelines to key stakeholders, including mental health services and consumers and carers.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

The Chief Psychiatrist is an independent statutory officer who has responsibility for setting the standards for mental health care in WA and overseeing compliance with the standards of care provided by mental health services. The Vision of the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist is “Mental health care to the highest standard” and the mission is “to ensure that all Western Australians receive the highest standard of mental health treatment and care”.