Project Intern

Role Title: Project Intern

Organisation: Awards WA

Internship Period: Winter (June - July)

Location: West Perth

Role Description

To create resources and communication platforms to identify and increase opportunities for access and participation for young people in the outdoors utilising local outdoor activity providers through their Adventurous Journey Section of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.
The AJ is a major factor for young people to start an Award, however, it is also one of the Sections which young people do not complete (Voluntary Service the other). The project is for Awards WA to take a proactive leading role to develop and implement a structured framework with the outcome being more young people successfully undertaking their AJ in Western Australia utilising local outdoor activity providers. • Identify WA activity providers that have the potential to provide activities for the AJ Section for a diverse range of young people • Developing training packages and support activity providers to develop programs that meet the requirement of the AJ Section • Develop communication resources to create and promote a pathway between the activity providers and young people/Award Centres who need to complete an AJ • Assess and report against outcomes and impacts • Not a ‘one-off’ action with limited lasting outcomes/impacts - create frameworks of support to ensure sustainability for ongoing participation and benefits



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

Awards WA believes that all young people have the potential through self determination to become active and inclusive citizens. We provide the scope through adventure in learning for young people to invest in their future by challenging themselves, being community focused and empowered to achieve their potential. Our Awards allow the community to invest in youth, enabling them to become confident and resilient members of society.