Project Intern: 360 Capability Framework 360

Role Title: Project Intern: 360 Capability Framework 360

Organisation: Landgate

Internship Period: Winter (June - July)

Location: Midland

Role Description

Landgate has developed an internal capability framework for staff. We want to develop a 360 Degree assessment tool which could be used to provide people with feedback from a range of stakeholders on the way in which they currently demonstrate the capabilities. This tool will need to be able to be used at varying level in the organisation and have some flexibility as to be able to select or nominated the focus capabilities for an individual. The intern will primarily work with the People and Culture but it is likely they will need to collect information and feedback from a range of potential users in the organisation (with the support of the OD team).



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

Landgate is Western Australia's land information authority. Landgate supports the sustainable economic, social and environmental management and development of land in Western Australia to deliver value for the State.