Research Intern: Data Applications in the Community

Role Title: Research Intern: Data Applications in the Community

Organisation: Department of Planning Lands & Heritage

Internship Period: Winter (June - July)

Location: Perth CBD

Role Description

In this role, the intern will investigate best practice examples of how planning data (spatial and non-spatial) is collected, used and published (i.e. how it is displayed/ viewed) internationally, review the data sets produced by and available to the Department and how these are published, displayed and utilised. The intern will produce a report detailing recommendations and lessons learned from the research.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage brings all land use and heritage responsibilities under the one umbrella to shape the future of our cities, regions and towns.
Responsible for state level land use planning and management, and oversight of Aboriginal cultural heritage and built heritage matters, the department supports three Ministers and administers a wide range of legislation. We plan how to make best use of the State’s natural and built assets for the sustainable and responsible development of all Western Australian communities, through evidence-based research, integrated policy development and stakeholder engagement.