Research Intern: Communicare Social Impact Project

Role Title: Research Intern: Communicare Social Impact Project

Organisation: Communicare

Internship Period: Winter (June - July)

Location: Cannington

Role Description

Measuring outcomes has become increasingly important for social services to understand if and how services have made a difference to people’s lives. While there are demands for evidence-backed practices in social research, often there are constraints in time and resources to develop appropriate tools for measuring outcomes. This include finding validated and reliable outcome measurement tool that can be easily used and implemented across different program and services.
As such, the Social Impact team is looking for a bright and enthusiastic student to help us research and develop a library of validated outcome measurement tools that can be appropriately offered to a diverse range of people that Communicare is supporting. The student will report to Communicare’s Social Impact Partner. The project will be a total of 100 hours, where the tasks can include (but not limited to): • Literature review of validated outcome measurement tools to measure a range of outcome domains: validated tools researched are to be appropriately used in Australia’s community context • Develop a library of validated tools: the library of outcome tools will detail the appropriateness of the usage of the tool for different cohorts across various outcome domains • Integrate tools into online survey platform: integrating selected tools into Communicare’s survey or database platform, for ease of developing and distributing surveys to supported individuals



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

We aim to create community inclusion and community safety by working collaboratively with individuals, families and communities to facilitate social and economic inclusion for all and establish and sustain safe and healthy communities.