Project Intern: Creation of Health Promotion Calendar

Role Title: Project Intern: Creation of Health Promotion Calendar

Organisation: City of Bunbury

Internship Period: Winter (June - July)

Location: Bunbury

Role Description

The intern will sit within our Sustainable Communities directorate working under the supervision of our Environmental Health team which is headed by the manager of Community Wellness.
Using the City of Bunbury's Community Health and Wellness Plan as the guiding document, the Intern is to be tasked with the creation of a health promotion calendar utilising the multitude of online resources. The intern will need to identify reliable sourced health promotional activities, events and days of significance which align with the plans priorities and actions within our Community Health and Wellness Plan. It is envisioned that the information is to be collated and compiled into a digital calendar resource to be utilised by our PR & Marketing team, our Events team and environmental health, to raise, promote and encourage better health outcomes for the community of Bunbury.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

Bunbury is an accessible, diverse and vibrant city, where all people are valued equally. Located about 180km south of Perth, the City of Bunbury is one of the fastest growing regional cities in Australia and widely recognised as the second capital city of Western Australia. Our vision is to make Bunbury welcoming and full of opportunities.