Research Intern, Review of Social Prescription in Australia - business viability

Role Title: Research Intern, Review of Social Prescription in Australia - business viability

Organisation: Independent Living Assessment (iLA)

Internship Period: Summer (November - December)

Location: East Perth

Role Description

Social prescribing is an emerging and growing area of interest in Australia, with various organisations conducting research, testing and/or exploring opportunities. One of the key resources for social prescription is having a comprehensive information and knowledge around social activities and opportunities to support the targeted audience. iLA’s LiveUp program has this resource which is currently targeted at people aged 65+ years (and First Nations people 50+ years). The other is having people who can connect clients to these services, which is currently done via LiveUp’s Navigation Service, although not using the social prescribing model.
iLA has intended to conduct desktop research and a literature review in social prescription however as this space is moving rapidly in Australia, an extensive scoping review has already been carried out by a key research body, eliminating iLA’s need to do this work. iLA is now looking to utilise this and other research and develop partnerships to support the delivery of social prescribing via the LiveUp Navigation Service. iLA is seeking an intern to support: • the collation of social prescribing research (including digital models and what is currently happening in Australia) in addition to: • project planning and development. For example, supporting brainstorming sessions, project plan development, meeting coordination and taking minutes, minutes, supporting risk management assessment and data collection planning etc.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

iLA's mission is to provide individualised supports, knowledge and tools that enhance living well and creates a community where everyone can make genuine and informed decisions on how to live independently.