Producer - Peer Based Video Stories

Role Title: Producer - Peer Based Video Stories

Organisation: Mental Health Commission

Internship Period: Summer (November - December)

Location: East Perth

Role Description

The intern will assist the IPWU Consumer Project Group to record/film consumer statements about their experience at IPWU, explaining IPWU rules from a peer to peer perspective. The aim is to have a professional video that can be sent as a link to prospective clients and/or planned admissions to watch prior to their entry (Walk-Through video & peer-based statements).
The MHC Next Step In-Patient Withdrawal Unit (IPWU) and the IPWU Consumer Working Group have been discussing ways in which the service can better incorporate peer to peer information and education about the IPWU and what to expect if planning an admission. The best way to deliver this information was felt to be via videos of peers sharing their experience about IPWU and to host these videos in an accessible format. The aims of this IPWU Project will be: • To reshoot and developed a ‘Walk Through’ video (voice over available from current version) • to develop a number of peer-based videos about IPWU and what to expect (mini clips) • to master the videos so they are suitable to be hosted on YouTube



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

The Mental Health Commission strives to establish mental health, alcohol and other drug systems that meet the needs of Western Australia’s population and deliver quality outcomes for individuals and their families. Our mission is to be a respected leader in commissioning, providing and partnering in the delivery of:
- prevention, promotion and early intervention programs - treatment, services and supports - research, policy and system improvements.