Cyber Security Policy Development Officer 1

Role Title: Cyber Security Policy Development Officer 1

Organisation: Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Internship Period: Winter (June - July)

Location: West Perth

Role Description

Contributing to the development of the Drone Policy for the Cyber Security Unit at the Office of Digital Government (DGov), Department of Premier and Cabinet. The Office of Digital Government is a new addition to DPC, and leads, supports and coordinates the digital transformation of the WA public sector.
DGov leads and coordinates the implementation of the Digital Strategy for the Western Australian Government 2021-2025. The Digital Strategy puts people, businesses and communities at its centre and sets the vision for a public sector that leverages digital to deliver convenient, smart and secure services for all Western Australians. The purpose of this role is to help with the groundwork of a Whole-of-Government Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Policy. Drones, as IoT, fall within the remit of the work of the Cyber Security Unit (CSU). In order to keep the public safe and secure State-specific guidelines need to be implemented. The intern will be directly supervised by Dr Roberto Musotto, Director, Cyber Security (Policy & Strategy) who has previously worked as an academic and is committed to sharing his knowledge to developing the intern. There will be significant collaboration with the Graduate Officer on placement with our team. We require Law students who are able to work full time at 5 days per week. Due to the 100-hour internship requirement, this internship will be completed across the first 2.5 weeks from the June 20 start date.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

The Department provides quality policy and administrative advice and support to enable the Premier, ministers and Government to serve the WA community.