Social Enterprise Membership Intern

Role Title: Social Enterprise Membership Intern

Organisation: WA Social Enterprise Council

Internship Period: Summer (November - December)

Location: Fremantle

Role Description

WASEC is seeking a Membership Intern to help us manage and expand our membership base. Your primary responsibilities will include evaluating and enhancing our existing membership database, co-designing a membership strategy, reaching out to potential new members, and developing engaging content to showcase our member organisations through various online platforms.
Key Responsibilities: Membership Database Management: Assist to review and organise our current membership database. Create concise and informative profiles for each member organisation. Segment member organisations based on their focus areas, industry, and location. Membership Outreach: Identify potential new members within the social enterprise sector. Initiate contact with potential members through email and phone calls. Provide information about WASEC's mission and benefits of membership. Maintain clear and up-to-date records of all communications. Social Media Engagement: Develop and curate social media content highlighting our member organisations' achievements, stories, and impact. Monitor and engage with members' social media accounts. Email Marketing: Create automated email campaigns to welcome and onboard new members. Membership Strategy Development: Collaborate with the WASEC team to formulate a comprehensive membership strategy. Assist in the implementation of the membership strategy, ensuring alignment with organisational goals.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

The WA Social Enterprise Council is the peak body for social enterprise in Western Australia. Our mission is to build a thriving social enterprise sector in Western Australia.
Our ambition is for a just, inclusive, and sustainable society, where all businesses have a positive social, cultural, or environmental impact.