Digital Content Intern (legal education resource)

Role Title: Digital Content Intern (legal education resource)

Organisation: The Law Society of Western Australia

Internship Period: Summer (November - December)

Location: Perth

Role Description

The role will focus on creating digital content (an online teaching resource for schools whose students are competing in the Mock Trial Competition). Specifically, the intern will film interviews with members of the legal profession (and possibly film a mock trial between lawyers at the Supreme Court). The final product will be a 3 hour educational video to teach students/teachers about advocacy in the courtroom and how to prepare a case for trial. The resource will be made available online to assist disadvantaged schools (who don't have access to an advocacy coach from their school alumni community) bring student teams into the competition. The focus of the competition is on the educational outcomes of the 1200 students involved. We aim to give them a unique insight into the workings (and limitations) of our justice system by having them be immersed and role play as barristers, solicitors, witnesses and other court staff in a courtroom setting with mock case materials.
The intern will work as part of the Community Development (Education Program) team and be directly supervised by the Mock Trial Coordinator. The role would best suit a Digital Content Intern who has the filming and editing experience to add value to the project. The Mock Trial Coordinator is a lawyer who will be directly responsible for managing the content side of this project and who will support the development of the intern throughout the project.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

The Law Society's vision is to be the essential membership for the legal profession''. This is supported by a mission statement 'to deliver strong advocacy for the West Australian legal community through the delivery of high-value networking, CPD and support services. This is delivered through 3 strategic imperatives:
1. to be an influential voice 2. To be an essential support to legal professionals 3. To be a central point for connections across the profession, industry and community