Grants and Fundraising Intern

Role Title: Grants and Fundraising Intern

Organisation: Australian Baroque Ltd

Internship Period: Winter (June - July)

Location: Bassendean

Role Description

We would like to work with an intern to identify and develop grant and funding opportunities. Australian Baroque is in the process of building its capacity to utilise grant funding to access potential growth for the organisation. We are developing a 'Toolbox' of resources and would like to gain a better knowledge of funding strategies, build a framework for future applications and work through our approach with a fresh set of eyes.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

Australian Baroque is a new national ensemble formed at its core by WA-based artists. We
are world-class professionals who strive to bring exciting programs and immersive projects to a wide and diverse audience in Western Australia. We nurture local musicians from educational to professional standard and provide an environment in which they can practise their craft; we aim to create employment opportunities so that we can ensure resilience in our local industry and community.