Project Intern, Humanitarian Settlement Program, Housing

Role Title: Project Intern, Humanitarian Settlement Program, Housing

Organisation: Australian Red Cross (WA)

Internship Period: Summer (November - December)

Location: East Perth

Role Description

This role will develop a regular quality training program tailored to newly arrived humanitarian entrants. The training will focus on how to secure long term accommodation and how to be a great tenant in Australia. This is knowledge and skills that are critical to building a life in Australia and critical for the person/families successful settlement.
This role will work within the Australian Red Cross Humanitarian Settlement Department and will work directly within the Housing Team. This role will build key relationships with external agencies such as Shelter WA and REIWA and will communicate regularly with clients to ensure the training is client-centered. The goal of this training is that every newly arrived humanitarian entrant receives this training and gains the understanding and independence to navigate the housing space in Australia. This role has the potential to make a lasting impact on our clients and on our Program and has the potential to develop an Australian-leading best-practice approach to settlement.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

The vision of Australian Red Cross is human dignity, peace, safety and wellbeing for all. Australian Red Cross supports and empowers people and communities in times of vulnerability. Their purpose is to reduce suffering across Australia and internationally through mobilising the power of humanity.