IT & Data Systems Intern, Community Wellbeing Divisional Dashboard

Role Title: IT & Data Systems Intern, Community Wellbeing Divisional Dashboard

Organisation: City of Swan

Internship Period: Semester 2 (August - November)

Location: Midland

Role Description

The City of Swan aims to better measure how our community is fairing and what directions we are trending on in a number of key performance areas. The City needs a better understanding of its performance in contributing to health and wellbeing in the community across its business units.
Whilst we collect corporate performance measures via PPRISK System, these measures are largely applicable to significant projects and generic reporting on service delivery and don’t always provide insight particularly to help the business unit or help understand our performance or contribution to improving health and wellbeing. The intern will be responsible for setting up a Divisional dashboard using Power BI that can connect with existing datasets within the Divisional Business Units, datasets in other parts of the organisation and external datasets that provide a view of how the City is performing in the service areas that contribute to community outcomes, along with a view of how our community is travelling more broadly against recognised indicators of community wellbeing.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

The City of Swan is a local government area of Western Australia. It is in the eastern metropolitan region of Perth and includes the Swan Valley and 42 suburbs. It is centred approximately 20 km north-east of the Perth central business district.