Digital Communications Intern

Role Title: Digital Communications Intern

Organisation: Hannah's House

Internship Period: Winter (June - July)

Location: Osborne Park

Role Description

Hannah’s House is dedicated to supporting children with life-limiting and complex conditions and their families to live their best quality of life. We do this by offering vital in-home respite care, play therapies and other services to support the wellbeing of the child and their family. We provide care, comfort and joy to seriously ill children, enabling them to participate fully in home and community life.
This internship will be working with our small marketing team (2 people) to develop some short video projects and be able to work with our Digital Marketing Coordinator (DMC) to plan, shoot, edit and prepare the videos for release. Specifically, we would like to create videos to promote working for Hannah's House as a disability support worker or registered nurse. This would involve scoping the roles, developing a script and storyboard, interviewing staff and creating an engagement video to increase enquiries via our website. If time we would also like develop a short video that talks about Hannah's House services - who we are and what we do. This might include interviewing parents and creating engaging visuals that encourage enquiries via our website or phone. Depending on time, the intern would work with the DMC to help Hannah's House increase our followers on social media. We are keen to understand how we can increase the numbers of people following us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and identifying content that would resonate and attract this audience.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

Hannah’s House is devoted to supporting children with life-limiting or complex conditions and their families. Life-limiting conditions are those for which there is no reasonable hope of cure and from which children or young people will often die before adulthood. We provide care, comfort and joy for every child with life-limiting or complex conditions and their family.