Digital Hub Intern

Role Title: Digital Hub Intern

Organisation: Peel Multicultural Association Inc.

Internship Period: Winter (June - July)

Location: Mandurah

Role Description

The Digital Hub Intern role includes managing/restocking the hub, supervising/mentoring the hub users and assisting them where possible, making suggestions for improvements to this project and assisting with evaluations.
The hub opens three days a week 10am-2pm but the intern can work from 9am to 3pm and also participate in Friday's Arts and Crafts to complete 20 hours per week. The days can vary according to when volunteers are available to assist. The hub is a room with a large table set-up in the middle with laptops and tablets. These need to be checked for updates and cleaned of any extraneous content from time to time. Members drop in to use the hub for learning and to improve their computer literacy to equip them with the skills they need to enter the workforce, e.g. resum├ęs, improve English skills, job searches, job applications, online courses, online theory driving tests, visa/citizenship support. Everyone is asked to fill in an assessment form on their first use. In June/July we will be carrying out the final assessments to measure their improvement in digital literacy. The hub is managed by the Peel Multicultural Committee, primarily President Virginia Pitts and Treasurer Saldy Dy. The office is located a short walk from the Mandurah CBD.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

Peel Multicultural Association is an incorporated association of volunteers who provide advocacy, information, support, advice, workshops, digital mentoring, integration, guidance, referrals, visa assistance, job search and domestic violence awareness in the Peel Region.
We hold free and low-cost workshops for our members and the CaLD community (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse). We foster community integration and promote cultural awareness through our diverse events and multicultural performances which increases connectedness, learning, wellbeing and general participation.