Policy Analyst

Role Title: Policy Analyst

Organisation: Bethanie

Internship Period: Summer (November - December)

Location: Perth

Role Description

The Policy Analyst role identified for an intern involves the development of an Information Management Policy, with a primary focus on the management of digital data. It is a discrete piece of work forming part of the Bethanie Integration Platform Project under the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) function. Stakeholders will be primarily from within ICT; there will be a need to validate elements of the proposed policy across the wider Business, most likely General Management level colleagues generally accessible from within Head Office.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

Bethanie’s Mission is to demonstrate the love of God by positively changing the way Australians experience ageing – every customer, every family, every community, every day.
Bethanie’s Vision is to enrich the ageing experience of over 1 million Australians by 2030.