Volunteer Rewards Program & Volunteer Key Event

Role Title: Volunteer Rewards Program & Volunteer Key Event

Organisation: St Bart's

Internship Period: Semester 2 (August - November)

Location: East Perth

Role Description

The intern will work with the program coordinator at St Bart's to put together a strategy/program by undertaking the following:
1. Reviewing existing mechanisms within St Bart’s as well as kindred volunteer-involved charities to identify best practice volunteer recognition processes. 2. Developing a monthly star’s program 3. Developing a service recognition concept e.g. 1, 5 and 10 year certificates 4. Developing a Marquis recognition event e.g. Volunteer of the year awards. 5. Developing a project timeline 6. Developing marketing collateral to support this.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

Since 1963, St Bart’s has been standing by the side of Western Australians experiencing homelessness, mental health challenges, trauma and hardship. Our goal is to provide safe, supported accommodation and services to people who need it the most, regardless of background, age, gender or ethnicity.