Summer 2023 Communication Intern

Role Title: Summer 2023 Communication Intern

Organisation: Denmark Community Resource Centre

Internship Period: Summer (November - December)

Location: DENMARK

Role Description

The role would be to review all our current communication tools and make recommendation for improvement. The intern will work together with myself and some key personnel who are currently dealing with promotion for the centre. The intern will interact with the community through our social media channels



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

Denmark Community Resource Centre (DCRC) will be characterised by the following values:
• The DCRC will provide a welcoming, inclusive, informal and safe environment for thecommunity and those who staff the facilities. We will create a small village, a community in and around our Centre. • We will endeavour to be a unifying force in the community. • We will be worthy of people's trust.. • We will be proactive in making our community a better place. • We will try to empower people and foster self-responsibility. Essential Characteristics - Vision and Purpose: In order for the DCRC to continue and grow its success over coming years, we will be characterised by: • our ability to connect the community with one another and the wider world through our services and facilities • our support for community led activities • a sustainable financial base • technology that is accessible and current, including making available knowledge, skills and training to enable people to use it effectively • the provision of a safe place for the community, where judgment is suspended and people are respected and treated equally.