Research Intern, Community Vandalism

Role Title: Research Intern, Community Vandalism

Organisation: City of Wanneroo

Internship Period: Semester 2 (August - November)

Location: Wanneroo

Role Description

The City of Wanneroo (the City) is keen to gain a greater understanding around the impact of vandalism of City assets and its community. It has been identified that vandalism is reported through a number of different City systems by a number of different affected teams across all areas of the City but that there is no central reporting mechanism to assist with understanding the full financial and community cost of the actions.
This project seeks to interrogate the City’s systems to extract the required data that will allow clear information regarding trends and costs to be identified. It is further hoped that this position can undertake research to determine international best practice for supporting the reduction of vandalism within City areas which could then potentially be applied to the City of Wanneroo.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

The City of Wanneroo is WA's fastest growing local government authority spanning both urban and rural areas.
Vision: Inspired by our past, working to create a vibrant, progressive city, providing opportunity and investment to enable our growing communities to prosper.