Project Intern – Community Car

Role Title: Project Intern – Community Car

Organisation: West Arthur Community Resource Centre

Internship Period: Winter (June - July)

Location: Work-from-Home/Darkan

Role Description

The West Arthur CRC (WACRC) would like to develop a proposal for the purchase and operation of a community car managed by the WACRC using volunteer drivers. This car would be used primarily by seniors and those with disabilities for the following purposes:
Facilitation and provision of access to services and recreation opportunities that are not available in the Shire of West Arthur including but not limited to: • medical appointments • shopping • respite options and day centre programs for seniors • other activity programs and Assistance to visit relatives who are in permanent care outside of the Shire of West Arthur. The Summer intern will develop a project plan for the foundational research and preparatory work and execute it.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

Our mission is to enhance community interaction, education and personal opportunities for residents of the Shire of West Arthur through the provision of community based services and communications and information technology resources.