Social Impact Measurement Intern

Role Title: Social Impact Measurement Intern

Organisation: Cahoots

Internship Period: Summer (November - December)

Location: Osborne Park

Role Description

Cahoots is keen to move from measuring what we do (outputs) to the impact we have on our stakeholders (outcomes), primarily our participants and our volunteers.
Working in a small project team you will help us to start our journey by designing a framework and implementing initial social impact measurements and reporting at Cahoots. You will have the opportunity of engaging with our service delivery team and participants to ensure you have first hand experience of the impact our services create for both our volunteers and participants. Then, as part of the project team, and working with our operations team, we will work collaboratively to select appropriate measures of impact and design processes and systems to capture relevant data, analyse and report on the insights gained over time. The goals are to enable Cahoots to - gain good insights enabling us to make better, data based decisions on service delivery improvements - secure re-investments by demonstrating clear outcomes and need for funding to generate longer term impacts - gain new investments through grants, fundraising and philanthropic donations - to ensure our stakeholders (including customers, government and other funders) can clearly see the impact created by their trust and investment in Cahoots.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

Cahoots creates opportunities for children and young people with disability, and those who face exceptional challenges, to develop friendships, skills and confidence.