In the Media

UWA student helps improve food relief programs

Published in The Post newspaper on 4 May, 2019. An internship through the McCusker Centre for Citizenship gave exchange student Carol Green, from Colorado, an insight into the people who rely on food relief programs in WA.

4 May, 2019

Chill out room brings results

Published in the Armadale Examiner on 13 December 2018. Oak Soe Nathan designed a therapeutic sensory room for students at Challis Community Primary School that helps students' wellbeing and development.

13 December, 2018

The young recruited to fight slavery

Published in the Post Newspaper on 3 November 2018. Read how Eloise Skoss helped raise awareness about modern slavery through her internship with the Walk Free Foundation.

3 November, 2018

Yin & Yang - Alex Arnold and Grant Westthorp

Published in the West Weekend magazine on 6 October 2018. Alex Arnold and Grant Westthorp, CEO, Men's Resource Centre, Albany, discuss their common goal of developing the Well Man App, an app that helps men and boys manage their mental health and wellbeing.

6 October, 2018

UWA student raises awareness about organ donation through internship

Published in the Eastern Reporter on 1 October 2018. Elizabeth Foster helped to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation through community events during her internship at the Organ Donation and Transplant Foundation of WA.

1 October, 2018

Student's skills to benefit others

Article on UWA student maths and physics student Jesse Zhou published in the Armadale Examiner on page 14 of the 23 August 2018 edition.

23 August, 2018

App to boost men's health

Published in Post Newspapers in the 14 July edition. Read how intern Alex Arnold, who spent his internship designing and developing the Well Man app with CEO of the Men's Resource Centre, Grant Westthorp.

14 July, 2018

UWA student learns about homelessness through Foyer Oxford internship

Read how Ellen Foley helped Foyer Oxford track young people’s journey out of homelessness in the Guardian Express on 4 July 2018.

4 July, 2018

My Generation: Model Citizens

Generation Y gets a bad rap but the number of young West Australians stepping up to help others at a new centre has taken everyone by surprise.Carrie Cox meets some of them. Published in The Weekend West supplementary West Weekend Magazine, June 18 2017.

18 June, 2018

Applecross student finishes UWA McCusker Centre for Citizenship internship with Mission Australia

Published in the Melville Times on 30 May 2018. Read about how Emily Bell helped Mission Australia improve drug and alcohol services for young people in the Pilbara and South West here

30 May, 2018