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Please include majors/specialisations where possible.

The McCusker Centre will seek approval from your faculty student office on your behalf and you will be advised the outcome by the student experience to your student email account.

e.g. Have you undertaken volunteering anywhere or done a service learning unit before, or why are you interested in joining this program?

Tick all that apply and indicate any others.

Our internship program includes a range of roles; some are in offices, some are more physical, some involve travel. Many of our internships involve learning about difficult social issues and working with disadvantaged communities. This work may be confronting and challenging. The Internships Team and the University are here to support you.

This information will be kept confidential.

You cannot progress your application until you upload your resume. This document will be forwarded upon request (if matched) to your host organisation.

You can read the requirements here.

Internship requirements+

Interns are selected on a competitive basis and are matched to suitable roles. Students undertake their internship through enrolment in a UWA McCusker Centre for Citizenship Internship unit.

Check with your Allocated Course Advice Office for further information about the unit you would be eligible to enrol into.

The internships unit is assessed as an Ungraded Pass/Fail. To successfully complete the program, students must:

  • Complete 100 hours community service in the organisation they are appointed to
  • Submit all required internship paperwork on time
  • Undertake an additional 20–30 hours of learning tasks including compulsory sessions and assessments. The timetable below lists the compulsory introductory lectures well in advance. Applicants should ensure they can attend these sessions before applying for the program.

Program requirements are detailed in the Handbook and the Student Interns Guide.

Once enrolled, the Unit Guide and LMS are your primary sources of unit information and internship progress.

Eligibility requirements+

To be eligible for our program, you must:

  • Be a currently-enrolled UWA student
  • Be of good standing with a Weighted Average Mark of 50 or above
  • Be eligible via faculty approval (*the Centre will seek this, as part of the application process)
  • Have good interpersonal skills
  • Have good written and spoken communication skills

*Check with your Allocated Course Advice Office for further information.

How to apply+

  1. Review your study plan and consider your other commitments to ensure that you can undertake an internship as part of your course
  2. Read the Student Interns Guide to familiarise yourself with the program requirements
  3. View the list below of internships on offer. This will give you an idea of the types of roles we have available this teaching round. Note however: you apply to our program, not to a specific role
  4. Consider if you will need a Working with Working with Children Check and a National Police Clearance. If you are interested in working with children or youth, it is advisable to obtain these checks before you undertake your internship
  5. Review the Dates and Deadlines section (these dates may be subject to change but are a good guide)
  6. Submit your application via our webform. Please answer all questions carefully. You will be required to include your current CV. Career Hub can assist you with preparing your application
  7. Seek the additional information you need. Check askUWA, or email the Internships Team.

What happens next?+

Our program is competitive; there are always more applications than roles. Your application will be considered for its quality and suitability to available roles. We take into account your CV, answers to application questions, areas of interest and identified skills.

Strong applications will be well written, provide good detail about the applicant’s skills and experiences, and align closely with the program's ethos of active citizenship.

Please keep checking your student email; this is how we will contact you if we have any questions.

We will request approval from your faculty for you to participate in this program. You will receive an email from your faculty (via askUWA) with further information. This is a step in the process and not a final outcome.

After the closing date of applications, you will be asked to confirm that you still wish to be considered.

Applicants are then matched to roles based on their interests and skills and the specific requirements of the available roles.

By the outcome date (listed in Dates and Deadlines) you will be notified of the outcome of your application. If successfully matched to an internship role, you will receive further instructions about enrolment.

If your application is unsuccessful, you are strongly encouraged to try again in a future round.

Dates and Deadlines+

Internships run over Semester 1, Winter, Semester 2 and Summer periods. Please see below for our timetable for 2020 internships.

*Consult CAS for the schedule of all unit sessions.

14 October 2019 Applications Open  
16 February 2020 (midnight) Applications Close  
Weeks of 20 & 24 February 2020 Applicants Notified of Outcome  
24 February 2020 10am-12pm & 2-4pm Introduction to Active Citizenship Sessions 1 & 2  
6 March 2020 12-2pm Introduction to Active Citizenship Session 3  
10 March 2020 from 1-3pm Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Session 1  
26 March 2020 from 2-4pm Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Session 2  
Commencing 18 May 2020 End of Internship Review TBC
17 February 2020 Applications Open  
17 May 2020 (midnight) Applications Close  
Week of 1 June 2020 Applicants Notified of Outcome  
22 June 2020 Introduction to Active Citizenship Session Live online session
22 June 2020 Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Session Live online session
TBC End of Internship Review Love House Seminar Room
18 May 2020 Applications Open  
5 July 2020 (midnight) Applications Close  
20 July 2020 Applicants Notified of Outcome  
27 July 10am, 29 July 10am or 3 August 10am Introduction to Active Citizenship Session Live online sessions
27 July 2pm, 29 July 2pm or 3 August 2pm Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Session Live online sessions
25 August 1-2pm Student Advisory Committee Panel Event Live online event
August - November 2020 INTERNSHIPS UNDERTAKEN  
8 October 4-5pm Student Advisory Committee Panel Event Live online event
From 12 October 2020 End of Internship Review Love House Seminar Room
5 July 2020 Applications Open  
11 October at midnight Applications Close  
Week of 6 November Applicants Notified of Outcome  
TBC Introduction to Active Citizenship Sessions TBC
TBC Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Session TBC
November 2020 - February 2021 INTERNSHIPS UNDERTAKEN  
TBC End of Internship Review TBC



Summer 2020/21 internship roles coming soon