Minor in Active Citizenship

The Minor in Active Citizenship is an interdisciplinary specialisation that develops students' capacities to be caring, connected and socially engaged contributors to their communities. The Minor involves practical engagement with industry partners and critical reflection on personal, community and government responsibility for positive change.

Why specialise in Active Citizenship?

Engaged citizenship is increasingly important in a world that is global, complex and connected. Knowledge and understanding of the ways citizens can actively participate in their local and national communities is crucial to societal wellbeing; equally important is informed awareness of what it means to be globally connected where the impacts of social, political and environmental challenges reverberate internationally. The health and sustainability of future societies depends on citizens who are well-informed, resilient and flexible, with skills that are adaptable to changing circumstances and needs.

To complete the Minor, the following four units will be required:

Find out more:

Full details about the Minor in Active Citizenship can be found in the UWA Handbook or you can read our information booklet.

For information about how to incorporate this Minor into your studies, please contact your Student Advising Office. You can also email the McCusker Centre for Citizenship team at academic@mccuskercentre.uwa.edu.au.

"What I have learnt through my degree and the Minor has been beneficial for communicating with stakeholders in a professional setting, particularly when having difficult conversations, as well as having an understanding of how to make change and the time that takes."
Jennifer, Bachelor of Arts majoring in Human Geography and Planning, now working in community engagement in the AFL - read more.

"The Minor in Active Citizenship generated lots of opportunities for me to use my skills to give back to my community... It has also given me further insight into the processes of generating change and purpose-driven outcomes. It has given me a lot of opportunities to be deeply introspective about my values and goals in the future, not just personal, but also professional."
Krystal, Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology - read more.