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Bea develops system to support arts and culture in WA

1 October, 2021

UWA Engineering Science student Bea Shakjiri has gained insights into the important role of philanthropy in sustaining arts and culture in WA through a McCusker Centre for Citizenship internship at the Perth Festival.

“I decided to apply for an internship with McCusker Centre because I was interested in becoming more actively engaged in the community and developing a deeper awareness regarding the challenges that the society is facing,” said Bea.

Although Bea’s studies specialise in Software Engineering, she is passionate about arts and culture and the internship experience at the Perth Festival allowed her to enhance her knowledge and education about the arts sector within WA.

The Perth Festival - a not-for-profit arts festival that has been running for nearly 70 years – seeks to foster cultural growth and bring people within the WA community together through creative arts.

Bea’s internship role saw her assist with two key projects for the Perth Festival: the creation of an interactive database to track prospective and current donors, in order to allow them to secure and maintain funding to carry out their vision and continue to advocate for the arts in Western Australia, as well as a thank you event for their 2021 donors.

“The most rewarding element of this internship was enhancing my knowledge and educating myself about art and culture of Western Australia,” said Bea.

“I learned how the passion for arts and culture that motivates many people and organisations who are doing meaningful and impactful work in Perth makes it possible for young local artists to get the attention and recognition they deserve,” she said.

The Perth Festival team were appreciative of Bea’s contributions towards their projects. “Bea was a great addition to our team! Her initiative and work ethic were amazing and she was eager to learn about the arts and how funding works,” said Perth Festival Philanthropy Coordinator, Suzanna Gaunt.

In addition to gaining insights into the arts sector, Bea also gained valuable professional skills to help her with her future career,

“I believe that through this program I have acquired soft skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership and problem-solving that will help me in the future as a young professional,” she said.

Bea is thankful for the internship opportunity and encourages other UWA students to take the opportunity to contribute to the Perth community.

“I would strongly recommend McCusker Centre internship to students who are interested in honing their skills, gaining experience in a work environment and becoming active citizens,” said Bea.