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Anglicare WA internship inspires a change in future plans

8 April, 2020

Before University of WA Neuroscience, and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology student Bridget Flis completed her internship at Anglicare WA, she was determined to pursue a career that was purely science-focussed.

The McCusker Centre for Citizenship internship had such a profound impact on the 20-year-old, that she is now headed towards a career that is “a blend of science and society’s areas of need”.

During her 100-hour community service internship, Ms Flis completed research on prospective Anglicare WA donors to help grant writers improve their applications.

“I collated the data so it is easily accessible for the philanthropy team at Anglicare WA,” she explained.

“Hopefully now they will be able to get in touch with prospective donors who may have an interest in the amazing work that Anglicare WA does.”

Philanthropy and Enterprise Director Tori Anderson said Ms Flis was a professional, responsible and wonderful part of the Anglicare WA team.

“Before I did my internship, I knew nothing about the world of grants and philanthropy,” Ms Flis said.

“I would have to say that the most rewarding part was all that I learnt, whilst meeting some amazing people.”