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Maddi contributes towards WA cyber security

15 June, 2022

UWA student Maddi Broad has spent three months supporting government cyber security professionals at the WA Department of Premier and Cabinet through an “invaluable” internship experience with UWA’s McCusker Centre for Citizenship.

Maddi, who is studying Political Science and International Relations on a Law pathway, contributed towards the development of Intellectual Property Policy for the Department’s Office of Digital Government (DGov), a team that leads, supports and coordinates the digital transformation of the WA public sector.

The policy project took place within DGov’s Cyber Security Unit, who work to protect the WA Government’s information, assets and service delivery from cyber threats.

“My entire internship experience was rewarding,” said Maddi, who worked in a small team of interns alongside staff from the Cyber Security Unit, undertaking in-depth research and producing two complete policy documents by the end of the internship.

“It was incredibly satisfying to see all our hard work come to life as a tangible document, and the feeling amongst the team at this time was additionally rewarding,” said Maddi.

“It was great to meet so many driven and hard-working employees of the public sector, and it also opened my eyes to how much work goes into government behind the scenes,” she said.

Working alongside interns who were further into their legal studies, and being new to policy writing, Maddi had some initial nerves but quickly rose to the challenge and found her feet with the “incredible support” from the Cyber Security Unit team and her peers.

“Maddi was absolutely exceptional during her internship. Her research and inquisitive mind brought alight the work of the policy even while starting in an unfamiliar field such as cyber security,” said internship supervisor and DPC WA Director of Cyber Security, Roberto Musotto.

“This internship experience has allowed me to make meaningful connections with some fantastic people within the Office of Digital Government, but also with fellow McCusker Centre for Citizenship students,” said Maddi.

“This experience will be invaluable in helping my professional life, without a doubt. This experience has enabled me to see how it is possible to be an active citizen on an institutional level,” she said.

Maddi says she would “absolutely” recommend the internship to other UWA students.

“Not only did I have an amazing experience, which has been one of the highlights of my degree, but every other intern I spoke to was similarly enjoying their internship. I think the range of different opportunities makes a McCusker Centre for Citizenship internship a valuable experience to a student in any degree,” said Maddi.