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Megha helps develop strategy to empower young people in Mosman Park

20 December, 2021

UWA Arts student Megha Sheth recently undertook an internship with the Town of Mosman Park through UWA’s McCusker Centre for Citizenship, where she assisted with the development of a youth strategy for the town that represents the varied and diverse needs of young people across the district.

Megha particularly looked at new ways to involve, engage and empower young people within the Mosman Park community.

“Since my project focuses on youth issues, I found that I was easily able to feel passionate about the cause and use my own experiences as a young person to come up with fresh ideas that would be helpful in shaping the lives of young people in the community,” said Megha.

The project involved undertaking research to better understand people aged under 25 in living in Mosman Park, and then creating an action plan of meaningful programs and strategies to help connect and engage with young people in the community.

The experience has opened Megha’s eyes to the important role of local government in the community.

“Before beginning this internship, I knew very little about what a local government does. I have learnt so much about the variety of ways in which the local government is involved with a community and how they can influence a person’s day-to-day life in the community,” said Megha.

“I have also learnt that I can apply my knowledge and skills in ways that I did not previously realise. The internship has helped me discover how to use my own skills and experiences in creative and innovative ways in order to help the community,” she said.

Megha says a highlight has been working with Mosman Park’s Community Enrichment team.

“My supervisor and the rest of the Community Enrichment team at the Town of Mosman Park are all extremely nice, enthusiastic and always eager to hear my ideas. I have really enjoyed helping them out with community development initiatives and projects,” she said.

Megha’s internship supervisor and Coordinator Community Development, Hannah Adams, pictured above with Megha, said “Megha quickly become a valued member of our team. Her research skills, creativity and enthusiasm led to developing and implementing initiatives that enrich our community.”

Megha recommends the McCusker Centre for Citizenship internship programs to other UWA students. “It is a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and learn a lot,” she said.