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Student intern contributes to Department of Education’s No Voice, No Violence campaign

11 June, 2020

Proposing ways the Department of Education could engage young people to be “upstanders not bystanders” in the face of bullying was a rewarding experience for McCusker Centre for Citizenship intern Daniel Chuah. 

The UWA Commerce student provided a series of “innovative and creative” ideas for consideration in the next stage of the Department’s No Voice, No Violence campaign.

“I provided strong reasoning how those ideas will be useful and effective in promoting upstander behaviour in the community, especially in school,” the Mt Lawley resident said.

“Ways of running the campaign and potential problems the Department may face was also listed in the proposal.

“The proposals was important because it will be valuable in helping the Department develop future campaigns.  There will be a higher chance for a brighter future and the upstander behaviour can be widely promoted and practised in the community.”

Mr Chuah, 21, said the McCusker Centre for Citizenship internship had changed him in both a personal and professional capacity.

“Through this program I have a better understanding of my abilities as an individual upstander in creating a safe and inclusive community, and different ways I can lend a helping hand to a victim who is being bullied or treated violently,” he said.

“On the professional perspective, through this program, I had the experience of working in the office and in teams to achieve goals in building a community of upstanders.”