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Public Sector Commission student intern rises to the challenge

23 September, 2019

The Public Sector Commission is likely to benefit from the workforce planning project Shenhav Nave completed during her McCusker Centre for Citizenship internship for years to come. 

During her internship, the University of WA psychology student (19) conducted research and analysed diversity statistics in order to identify the ‘best practice’ for the Commission to take when developing their future workforce plan.

The final project required her to succinctly summarise the purpose, resources required, timeline and anticipated benefits of the workforce plan.

“I’m hoping that my work will assist the Commission to develop their workforce plan for the next three years,” the Woodvale resident said.

“The workforce plan will include specific goals and strategies that will help the Commission to operate in the best possible way, which will in turn benefit their stakeholders, such as line agencies and the public.”

Ms Nave said she was grateful to have gained skills in areas not necessarily related to her university degree.

“The researching skills, ability to concisely and succinctly summarise information, written and verbal communication skills and so on really helped me with the internship,” she said.

“I have learned to deeply value these skills, and now have a desire to keep developing these skills so they can benefit me in the future.

“The internship was also a great way for me to learn about organisational culture and dynamics within a government organisation. I got invited to corporate meetings, talked to various people within the organisation and had the opportunity to speak with the Corporate Executive.”