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Commissioner June Oscar AO delivers 2022 Sir Wallace Oration

25 August, 2022

You can access a recording or transcript from the 2022 Sir Wallace Kyle Oration. We also encourage you to explore photos from the event.

The McCusker Centre for Citizenship at the University of Western Australia, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Perth, had the privilege of welcoming June Oscar AO, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner to the University Club in Crawley on Wednesday 24 August to deliver the 2022 Sir Wallace Kyle Oration.

Held in honour of late Air Chief Marshall and former Governor of Western Australia, Sir Wallace Kyle, the 2022 Oration was attended by over 200 guests including His Excellency The Honourable Chris Dawson APM Governor of Western Australia.

2022 Orator Commissioner June Oscar shared a powerful speech exploring the theme of “service above self”, focusing on the Uluru Statement from the Heart and highlighting the critical importance of enshrining a First Nations Voice in the Australian Constitution.

Commissioner June Oscar spoke to Australia’s troubled colonial history and the factors that have led to the persistence of inequalities and struggles faced by Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Islander peoples, stressing the importance of truth telling, agreement-making, reconciliation, and of listening to the voices of First Nations peoples when paving a way forward.

Commissioner June Oscar drew attention to the important work being done through the Wiyi Yani U Thangani (Women's Voices) initiative, a multi-year systemic change project that has been led by the Commissioner since 2018, which is a product of meaningful, face-to-face dialogue with over 2,000 First Nations women in diverse communities across the country.

Commissioner June Oscar ended her Oration with a call on all Australians to vote yes on the referendum on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament when the time comes.

“The Uluru Statement is a shared journey, which does not threaten our body politic in Australia but will strengthen it. It is time, and together we can change the course for the betterment of us all,” spoke Commissioner June Oscar.

We thank Commissioner June Oscar AO for her impactful and moving Oration, and for all attendees who joined us in person and online.