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Student intern’s research into international Housing First policies

22 June, 2020

Student intern Andrew Thomson completed a background research report as part of the Ombudsman’s current investigation into homelessness.

The UWA Master of International Development graduate, 23, researched and reviewed Housing First policies around the world.

“My research brief will be used to provide insight into the homelessness initiatives implemented around the world that focus on providing safe and permanent housing as the first priority for people experiencing homelessness,” Mr Thomson said.

The McCusker Centre for Citizenship was established in 2015 to give UWA students the opportunity to make a difference in the community with internships at not-for-profit, community and government organisations.

“My experience with McCusker has widen my perspective on how an individual can contribute to society, whatever their role is,” Mr Thomson said.

“No matter what I end up doing, I plan to stay involved with groups that aim to improve the community.”

Mr Thomson said the most rewarding aspect of his internship was “without a doubt” the people he worked alongside.

“The staff at the Ombudsman are so dedicated to their tasks and showed me that there people in government that care about the people they serve.”