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Student intern glad experience wasn't a "typical internship"

19 September, 2019

 “Other internships might be like ’You get to go over to BCG or Deloitte and work in the corporate world’, but it’s unfortunate that there isn’t any community-minded elements incorporated into that,” the Northbridge resident said.

“I really appreciated that the McCusker Centre for Citizenship has a social mindset.”

During his 100-hour internship at the Public Sector Commission (PSC), Mr Gleeson-Brown worked to help develop a framework for talent management structures within the public sector.

“Talent management is essentially a system to bring together all the best performing and high-potential people within your organisation, and to develop and support them into your innovative and top level positions,” he said.

“My job specifically was to talk to software companies about potential systems they had that the PSC could use in the future.

“We also interviewed other government department and conducted research.”

Mr Gleeson-Brown, 19, said the internship inspired him to be more confident in his capabilities.

“Before this internship, going out into the workforce into government seemed so far away from what I could possibly do,” he said.

“But then I just jumped into it, and I realised, ‘Oh, I actually can do a two-page spreadsheet and 15-page report’.

“My supervisor was also really supportive. She discussed with me how to grow my leadership skills, what are my biases, my perspective on things and future goals. This internship has reinforced my desire to become a public prosecution lawyer working in government.”