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Meet the 2020 Student Advisory Committee

13 February, 2020

The McCusker Centre for Citizenship’s Student Advisory Committee (SAC) held its first meeting of the year on 5 February, 2020.

SAC Chair Helena Trang said the meeting was to plan the first of its four student-run events.

“Our first pop-up event is already in the pipeline with the topic chosen and set-up beginning,” Helena shared.

“We will also be running information sessions for students around campus as well as attending other events on campus.”

SAC 2019 members Helena, Clare Lagan, Thomas Saleh, Thomas Paparo, Natalie Fretton and Nishita Sheth returned for 2020, and new members Praneetha Kurmala, Jake Norris, Devika Prasad, Phoebe Sun, Kate Storey, Taylor Wright, Ranjana Varma and UWA Guild representative Callum Lindsay were welcomed.  

“Both new and old SAC members are excited for the upcoming events and keen to start helping out at centre events,” Helena said.

“Everyone seems to be getting to know each other really well and are looking forward to working with each other.

“Our first meeting showed a really diverse interest in social causes and a diversity of experiences as well. We had many interesting topics brainstormed for the year and refining these into set questions with panel members will be really rewarding.”

The meeting was also attended by special guests Durham University student Tatiana Bruni and Dartmouth College student Jaden Oliveras, who shared some experiences of their Perth exchange with the committee.

The SAC’s first event for Semester 1 interns and interested students will be held on 1 April, 2020 at the St Catherine’s Conference Room from 5.30pm. More details to come.