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Political Science Major has rewarding internship at Health Department

25 March, 2020

The most rewarding moment of Jamieson Kay’s McCusker Centre for Citizenship internship at the Department of Health came in its final hours.

The University of WA student completed a research project to identify the best practice for facilitating staff training and communicating information about available training via the Department’s online intranet.

“I liaised with various departments and stakeholders in order to come up with a concept and project plan that satisfied the requirements and needs of everyone in the Department of Health,” she said.

The Coolup resident also worked on graphic design for the final version of the Department’s new intranet and created a project proposal for the task.

“By collaborating with IT and key stakeholders within the Department of Health, I was able to create a product that is currently being developed for use within the Department of Health,” the 21-year-old shared.

“The most rewarding moment was delivering the final project proposal and having IT approve of the work I had done.

“We had to organise a really big and official meeting to deliver the proposal, so having IT be enthusiastic and positive was so rewarding.”

Ms Kay said she was especially excited to intern at the Department of Health because her university major was in Political Science.

“Being able to have first-hand experience within a government department and experience how it runs on a day-to-day basis really changed my perspective on government, and gave me an entirely new set of skills and ideas about the sector,” she said.

“This internship complimented the academic knowledge I had, by giving me a more practical perspective.

“Being able to work with so many incredible people within the Department of Health, not only my internship supervisors but also just employees within the department, was really valuable. The advice, perspective and knowledge they shared with me, both professionally and personally, was something I found really valuable.”