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Global reach for State Library of WA internship

20 May, 2020

The research project Lucy Craske worked on during her McCusker Centre for Citizenship internship at the State Library of WA had an impressive global reach.

“The most rewarding aspect of my internship has been the high level of contact I’ve had with key stakeholders, not just at the State Library, but globally,” the University of WA Economics and Management student said.

The 21-year-old worked with fellow intern Katherine McKinnon to research the role of social services in a library setting – looking specifically at how to best to integrate social work concepts, practices (and potentially social workers themselves), into the State Library of WA’s ecosystem.

“The potential reach of our recommendations is exciting,” she said.

“A number of libraries globally have seen improvements in outcomes for their staff, patrons and their wider community, particularly with regards to tackling systemic issues such as homelessness.”

State Library of WA and intern supervisor Nadine Redmond said the literature review report would be used to inform the review and development of the State Library’s service delivery models. 

“A key objective of the State Library of Western Australia is to provide an inclusive, safe space where all members of the WA community can connect with information and ideas,” Ms Redmond said.

“Societal trends, coupled with the State Library’s location and services, has seen an increasing number of at-need clients access our services and utilise the building’s facilities.”

Ms Redmond said she would recommend the McCusker Centre for Citizenship to fellow organisations.

“Our interns were respectful of the organisation and applied themselves to the project enthusiastically and diligently,” she said.

“They completed the required work within the designated time period.”                

Ms Craske said her firsthand internship experience had “cemented” her desire to pursue a career in management consulting.

“It has given me firsthand experience of how solving complex problems can have a profound effect on not only the organisation that you are working with, but also the people and community that that organisation serves,” she said.

“I’ve spoken to so many incredibly inspiring members of staff here at the Library who have given me an invaluable insight into the amazing work they do for our community, and had the opportunity to contact people doing similar work in the Eastern States and North America.”